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Good things come to those who plan…

I had several hours of break at work today. During one such break, I went across the street to Zaxby’s for lunch and started to plan my novel. I knew if I stayed at the school I would have to take a bunch of faculty pictures, and this way was so much more productive.

I had already made a long list of items to include in my novel, but they were in no real order except for the first two chapters. I am now proud to announce that I have a completed outline for Tilt Your Head and Smile!

I have 30 chapters, one for each day of the month. If I can make each one at least 2500 words, I should be able to reach my 75k goal easily. I’m really excited, and I wish NaNo started tomorrow. Still, two weeks from today I will hopefully be at the first write-in of the month, and that is enough for me for now. :)

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